• CNC Milling Tools

    DATRON designs and supplies superior Solid Carbide tools. These tools feature geometries optimized for high-speed milling applications and available with various cutting lengths, shank diameters, specalty coatings (for extended tool life).

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  • Dental Milling

    Turnkey dental milling solutions, compatible with industry leading CAD/CAM packages and scanners for the highest quality milling of implant bars, abutments, crowns, bridges, and more.

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    GeMaSo is an official Datron distributor for the GCC region located in UAE and providing complete local sales and support for Datron – manufacturer of innovative, high-speed milling solutions.
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Quality and Precision "Made in Germany"

Datron helps customers succeed by providing complete milling, workholding, tooling and automation solutions. Through a commitment to innovative engineering that goes back more than 40 years, DATRON serves the world's largest and most respected companies by means of integrated solutions, software, hardware and services. DATRON tools are manufactured on top-of-the-line, fully automatic grinding machines and made from the highest grade of solid carbide available, which results in consistent quality and an excellent price-to-efficiency ratio.

CNC Milling Tools

As a manufacturer of high-speed CNC milling machines, cutting technology has always been a primary focus of DATRON research. That's because the design and quality of tooling often determines the efficiency and quality of the milling process. Using the finest carbide, DATRON tools are specifically optimized for high speed milling. DATRON CNC tools are available with various cutting lengths, shank diameters, specalty coatings (for extended tool life) and balancing for high speed.

Single-Flute end mill

These tools are available with various cutting lengths and shank diameters. The balanced single flute end mill – an exclusive DATRON product. Powerful, economical and patent pending.

Double Flute End Mills

DATRON double flute end mills are available in special variations - with extra short cutting edge, toric cut, stepped and coated micro-tools with extra short flutes for steel machining.

Multi Flute End Mills

Whether with three, four, six, eight or twelve cutting edges – all DATRON tools are developed for steel machining, have a stable cutting geometry and heavy-duty coatings such as.

Drills and Thread Mills

DATRON tools deliver eliable drilling from a diameter of 0.1 mm and thread milling in a flash from M1.0. DATRON innovative thread mill performs core hole drilling and thread milling with only one tool... in a single work step. This special tool is legally protected by a utility patent.

Dental Milling Tools

If you are milling Zirconium Oxide, Cobalt-Chrome, Titanium, Nanocomposite, PMMA or Wax, DATRON offers the optimum milling tools for the dental materials you intend to machine. Thanks to the coatings, specially adapted to the material, the highest surface quality and long tool life are guaranteed.

Engraving, Ball Nose and Specialty Tools

The DATRON line of multigrain solid carbide tools is comprehensive. From slotting tools to diamond-coated CVD tool designed specifically for abrasive materials, we provide the tools you need and are continuously adding to this offering.

Micro-toothed End Mills

Abrasive materials, such as CRP, GRP or printed circuit board material can be reliably machined at low cost with the micro-toothed end mills from DATRON. These tools have a high tool life even with extremely abrasive materials due to micro toothing and specialty coatings. Optimized for use in hard and high-speed machining.

Engraving and Countersink

Engraving, deburring and chamfering. DATRON micrograin solid carbide engraving tools are available in various shank sizes degrees of tip sharpness. Additionally, they are offered in a balanced model and for steel machining. Plus, we even spring-mounted cutting diamond for jewelry engraving and suitable for metals such as Gold, Silver, Brass, Tin, Aluminum.

Diamond Coated Cutting Tools

The new CVD cutting tools for GRP, CFK, PCB and plastics exceed standard tools in both surface finish and tool life when milling abrasive materials. With these specially-developed CVD diamond milling tool high feed rates can be obtained while maintaining extremely long tool life — even when milling CFK/CGRP.

Dental Milling

The D5 Dental Mill is designed based on close consultation with the dental lab industry — and was built from the ground up to meet the specific demands required for the production of complex implant geometries. It’s compatible with industry leading CAD/CAM software packages, while still allowing for the integration of yet-to-be-developed technology. So, your investment today will facilitate your advancement tomorrow ... and for years to come. We’re continually testing the components and geometries of the world‘s most prominent implant manufacturers and we're committed to helping you stay up to date with the latest developments within the industry.

Pushing the boundaries of in-house implant production

- Linear and torque motors control the 4th and 5th axis for highly accurate 5-axis simultaneous machining

- User-friendly Apple iPad controls the milling jobs, tools, and material blanks

- 13-station tool changing unit with tool-length and tool-break sensors

- Integrated 8-blank automation (optional)

- 1.8 kW water-cooled Jäger spindle and drives

- Minimum-quantity cooling/lubrication system for machining hard metals
  (i.e. titanium, chrome cobalt)

- Chip tray with adapter for vacuum/dust extraction of soft materials (i.e. zirconia and PMMA)

The D5 Dental Milling Machine is unrivalled in the dental world. With a fully automated 8 blank changer and 15 tool holding positions, it can mill titanium, chrome cobalt, zirconia, and other materials for over 100 consecutive hours unattended. German engineered for extreme rigidity and precision, the D5 was designed for the sole purpose of milling complex dental parts and implant geometries. It integrates industry-leading CAM software packages to give your lab the flexibility it needs to mill anything from bars and custom abutments to full contour crowns, copings, and bridges – all while being controlled by the simplicity of an Apple iPad!

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